Orthodontic ServicesBy straightening your teeth, you can improve your appearance and your teeth and gums will be healthier. There are so many options for improving your smile that you can decide which type of orthodontic procedure is right for you. If you live in the 68116 area, call (402) 493-8900 to schedule a consultation and review your options.

If you live in the Omaha area, it is easy to schedule an appointment with Gregory L. Garro, DDS. During your consultation, Dr. Garro will examine your teeth to determine what needs to be done to correct your smile. In most cases, this is more than simply moving a few teeth into place. Many people suffer from overcrowding or a misaligned bite, as well. These issues need to be addressed as part of the orthodontics procedure in order to ensure that your teeth are in the right position when done.

When there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all of your teeth, you suffer from overcrowding. This needs to be resolved before your teeth can move into position. Typically, teeth either need to be removed in order to make room, or a metal expander is used to expand your palate. The expander is secured to your teeth on the roof of your mouth. By turning a small key every day, the expander will slowly push outwards so that your palate has enough room for all of your teeth. As your palate expands, your teeth will naturally start to move into place. Once this process is complete, Dr. Garro can begin to move your teeth into position. To learn more about this step, call (402) 493-8900.

Dr. Garro frequently uses Invisalign® to straighten teeth. By offering Invisalign® as part of our orthodontic services, patients can straighten their teeth – the invisible way. Many of our patients prefer this option because their teeth stay free of metal braces, and they still move like they are supposed to. This is done by wearing an aligner that looks like a clear retainer and is worn on your upper and lower teeth. When you start the treatment, Dr. Garro will have a series of aligners created in a dental lab. These aligners will take your teeth from their current position to perfectly straight by consistently moving them. Every two weeks, you throw away your current aligner and replace it with a new one. When you finish wearing all of the aligners, your teeth should be perfectly straight.

The benefit of wearing the aligners is that they come out. You are supposed to wear them for 22 hours a day and remove them when eating. This way you can enjoy your favorite hamburger or caramel apple without worrying about food getting stuck in your teeth. You can also brush and floss your teeth without using any special tools or spending more time than normal. This basic feature makes Invisalign® a convenient orthodontic treatment.

Some patients need additional help moving their teeth into place. When this is the case, Dr. Garro will put an attachment on those particular teeth. The attachment looks clear and is barely noticeable. What it does is serve as an anchor or pressure point for the aligner to push onto and it makes sure that the tooth moves like it should.

When you have completed the procedure, Dr. Garro will remove the attachments and clean your teeth. Since the aligners are removable, most people have fewer stains than those that wear traditional metal braces. Still, a good teeth cleaning is always in order after having an orthodontic treatment. We also recommend whitening your teeth so that they appear beautiful and brilliantly white. This simple step will complete your orthodontics treatment and give you a stunning smile.

Our orthodontic services can accomplish a variety of things beyond simply straightening your teeth. The Invisalign® process has advanced, and it can now be used to improve a person’s bite, as well. Each patient is different and therefore the treatments that you need will be different than another Omaha patient. Call (402) 493-8900 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garro to learn the details of what your treatment will entail.

When you visit our office, let us know what your goals are for your smile and if you have any concerns. It is normal to be uncertain about starting a new procedure like Invisalign®. We straighten teeth on a regular basis and are happy to answer questions about our orthodontic services so that you can feel comfortable and educated when deciding how to straighten your teeth.