Pediatric DentistryGood oral hygiene starts at a young age, and we encourage families to bring their children in as soon as possible. This way we can make sure that their baby teeth are coming in properly and that their gums and teeth are healthy. We can treat your child as soon as one year of age and by starting a teeth cleaning routine early, they will be comfortable with visiting the dentist throughout their lifetime.

Preventative care is an important part of pediatric dentistry. When treating patients throughout Omaha, NE we recommend starting with a healthy diet that contains lean protein, green leafy vegetables, dairy products and complex carbs. We also advise our patients to drink plenty of water. By eating healthy, you can help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.

Brushing properly is also important. In our pediatric dentistry office, we show patients throughout the 68116 area how to brush and floss their teeth in order to remove bacteria and plaque. It is important for children to get excited about brushing their teeth so start by letting them pick out their own toothbrush. They come in fun colors and cartoon characters, making brushing more fun. We will show them how to brush in a circular pattern, away from their gums. This will help them to get the best possible clean. While brushing, they should also use fluoride toothpaste that will help strengthen their teeth. Additionally, children should have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year so that we can remove any plaque that was left behind while brushing at home.

Dr. Garro helps each child feel comfortable in our pediatric dentistry office. He takes the time to engage in conversation and connect with young patients so that they feel welcomed. By having a conversation and listening, our littlest patients feel relaxed with Dr. Garro and look forward to their appointments. During dental exams, we can go as slow as necessary for your child to relax. Sometimes we may start by examining their teeth and wait to clean them until the second visit. By letting your child set the pace, we know that they will feel comfortable at our dental office both now and in the future.

During these dental exams, Dr. Garro will look for signs of cavities or gum disease. If he finds any, he will make a recommendation for treatment. As a pediatric dentistry office, we offer sedation dentistry so that if a patient needs a dental procedure they can remain comfortable during it. This is especially important for young patients that couldn’t possibly hold still while getting a cavity worked on. When they are this young, it is often best to put them to sleep so that the cavity or infection can be removed without them feeling any stress or worry. The team at Gregory L. Garro, DDS is experts at giving young children the sedation they need to feel comfortable. Parents appreciate having this option as it makes the treatments go smoothly.

Pediatric Dentistry and Restorations

In the Omaha, NE area we are known for how natural our dental restorations look. Restorations are not only for adults but also for children. Kids play hard and when they do it is normal for teeth to become chipped or broken. Even a careful child may still injure a tooth while playing sports. When this happens, Dr. Garro can restore the tooth so that it looks natural and functions like normal. This prevents it from needing to be pulled. Even baby teeth can be saved if it isn’t time for them to come out yet. Preserving baby teeth is important for making sure that a spot is held for the future adult tooth to come in. If your child’s tooth was damaged in the 68116 area, call (402) 493-8900 and schedule an immediate appointment so that we can examine and treat the area.

In our pediatric dentistry office, we understand that what your child needs at two is different than what they will need at eighteen. Our staff is experienced at working with children and adults of all ages, so we can grow with you and your family. By starting your child’s dental visits early, they will get to know us and look forward to having their teeth cleaned. As they grow, visiting the dentist will feel like a part of everyday life, setting the trend for good oral hygiene as they grow into adults. To schedule your appointment call, (402) 493-8900.