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Dental Cleaning and ExaminationsDental Cleaning and Examinations

Dr. Gregory Garro has provided mobile dentistry in the Omaha metro area for the last 18 years. Some of the skilled nursing and assisted living facilities we have visited are in Blair, Plattsmouth, Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion and Elkhorn.

Dr. Garro also has his license to practice dentistry in the state of Iowa as well so we service 2 facilities in council bluffs as well. We have equipment that is designed to be portable to we can provide dentistry that is needed in a comfy setting so the patient will not have to go out to an appointment. This is more geared towards patients that have trouble getting around or are too sick to leave the house.

This is very convenient for nursing homes because there is a large number of people that need to see the dentist that would not have the opportunity unless someone came to visit them. We have even visited people in their private residence.

From the left: Air compressor, dental unit, Nomad portable X-Ray system.

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